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"Mission: Impossible was engaging and challenging. It really forced the team to think through each task. The benefits were improved team work, bonding and learning how to communicate effectively and also efficiently. One big take away is that no matter how daunting the task you need to keep going and stay positive and work through it. I was very proud of the group that I was with as they exemplified this."



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Chicago Company Outing Ideas


So you've got your big annual company outing coming up in Chicago, and you're searching for the perfect fun activity to complement the other things you've planned. You have a clear idea of what company outings have worked well in the past, and which ones were a bit of a flop. What should we do this year? You've come to the right place.

Company Outing Ideas

We provide corporate event planners like you with a wide selection of fun company outings. We've designed these company outings to easily insert into your event itinerary and venue, regardless of where you're meeting in and around Chicago. They either take place right on-site, or start and finish at the your venue of choice. Our company outings are fun, interactive, entertaining, and in some cases competitive, and a great way for your attendees to get to know each other better.

"We really enjoyed interacting with new team members, having a fun event, as well as using "outside the box" thinking. Existing team members got to meet new consultants and we got to know other team members on a personal level. The event allowed team members to take on different roles than they normally would in a working environment. It was a great way to work together in different teams than usual."

Fun Chicago company outing ideas for groups of all sizes

People just like you who plan company outings for staff groups in Chicago love these 5 company outings. They work really well for a wide range of groups.



Urban Fear Factor team building activity in Chicago  

Type: Active
Location: Outdoors and/or Indoors
Activity Level: Moderate
Duration: 1-3 Hours
Pricing: $$ or $

Fear Factorish good times!
Currently #2 most requested team building activity in Chicago

Take a smartphone-powered photo scavenger hunt, and mix in some Fear Factor. What do you get? Urban Fear Factor. Get out of your comfort zone and take on daring challenges, hilarious missions, fun times and friendly competition with your team at the office. Best of all, it's easily scalable for massive group sizes too! Get more details on our hilarious Urban Fear Factor team building activity.



Wild Goose Chase work outing in Chicago  

Type: Active / Race Style
Location: Outdoors and/or Indoors
Activity Level: Moderate
Duration: 1-3 Hours
Pricing: $$ or $

A hilarious high tech smartphone scavenger hunt everyone will enjoy!
Currently #1 most requested team building activity in Chicago

Get out of your comfort zone with Wild Goose Chase. Do a quick scan on your smartphone through all the missions and decide with your team which ones to take on and when. Rush through some of the seemingly easy ones to get warmed up, or head straight to the crazier ones to earn big points. You'll be stretching your boundaries and laughing hysterically in no time! Best of all, it's easily scalable for massive group sizes too! Get more details on Wild Goose Chase Smartphone Team Building.



Great Camera Caper scavenger hunt in Chicago  

Type: Active / Race Style
Location: Outdoors
Activity Level: Moderate
Duration: 1-3 Hours
Pricing: $$ or $

A great way to get out, see the city, and build your team!
Currently #5 most requested team building activity in Chicago

Come together to explore the city, find secret locations and perform tasks and challenges along the way. As the locations and challenges increase in difficulty so will the points teams can earn. Using their own digital cameras or phones, teams will document their activities with photos. Upon review by the judges, the team with the most number of points will be announced as the winners! Get more details on Great Camera Caper Photo Scavenger Hunts.



Amazing Chase team building activity in Chicago  

Type: Active / Race Style
Location: Outdoors
Activity Level: Moderate / High
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Pricing: $$$

Test your teamwork in a race against the clock!
Currently #3 most requested team building activity in Chicago

Based on the popular TV show, teams race around the city following route markers, encountering road blocks, and working their way through unique challenges, fun detours and a variety of interactive tasks before racing back to the finish line. Get more details on Amazing Chase Team Building.



CI Crime Scene event in Chicago  

Type: Cognitive / Cerebral
Location: Indoors and/or Outdoors
Activity Level: Low / Moderate
Duration: 1-4 Hours
Pricing: $$$

Forensic investigation taken to the next level!
Currently #4 most requested team building activity in Chicago

Foul play has taken place and the local police department needs your help in solving this crime. Your aptitude for cooperation, innovative problem solving and creativity will be tested in this interactive and entertaining event. With each member proficient in a specific navigational or crime solving skill, teams will work together to navigate their way to a series of crime scenes. Each location will be staged as a crime scene where teams must carefully search for clues, plus preserve and photographically document evidence to solve each particular case. Get more details on CI: The Crime Investigators Team Building.

Company outings with class in Chicago

Or perhaps you're looking for light entertainment for your company outing. These are very popular choices amongst corporate event planners like you.



Casino corporate event in Chicago casino tables for party in Chicago

Bring the thrill and excitement of a Vegas casino to your next corporate party.
Currently #1 most requested corporate entertainment event in Chicago

The most popular casino tables and professional dealers add Vegas flair and excitement to any corporate party. Socialize, mingle and unwind with your colleagues all while enjoying a fun-filled night of entertainment, games and activities. Get more details on Vegas Nights Casino corporate entertainment.



dining in the dark experience in Chicago unique corporate dining experience in Chicago

Imagine an incredible meal together as a group in an original and spectacular atmosphere... pitch black darkness!
Currently #2most requested corporate entertainment event in Chicago

Close your eyes and imagine an incredible gourmet meal and a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Now keep your eyes closed. Dining in the Dark takes a standard group meal to a whole new level... a dramatic dining adventure if you dare! Your team will never forget it. See for yourself if Dining in the Dark is a great fit for your adventurous team.



drum cafe in Chicago interactive drumming in Chicago

We provide African Djembe drums for all participants, you supply the smiles.
Currently #3 most requested corporate entertainment event in Chicago

Experience the rhythm and power of group drumming. This interactive event is all about sharing an experience, listening to each other and playing to the same beat. It helps to build community and create unity within your group. Learn more about our popular Drum Cafe interactive drumming event.

One stop event shop

All of our company outings in Chicago are designed and implemented with extraordinary attention to detail. You can confidently leave all the planning to us and trust us to put on a company outing your group will love.

Planning and delivering unique company outings is our specialty. Groups as small as 8 and as large as 2000 or more are handled with ease. Working on a tight timeline? We're up to the challenge. We understand the trend to shorter lead times, and have put the resources in place to execute all of our company outings on short notice, regardless of where you are meeting.

Our company outings are available 365 days a year in a myriad of spectacular meeting locations throughout Chicago, the United States, Canada, the UK, and around the world.

Contact us to discuss your situation, vision, and ideas. We'll work with you to design the ideal company outing for your group, and then make it happen. This year's event will be the best ever!


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Contact our team at 1-877-713-7238 or to discuss what you’re looking for and experience for yourself why people who organize corporate events for the most successful companies in Chicago trust us with their team building activity needs. Whether you have a large group of 1000 plus, or something much smaller, we can help. Need a detailed proposal right away? That's our specialty.

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